Realtor Personal Advantage Plan Personal Advantage Plan for Real Estate Agents
Personal Approach to Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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Step by Step Process

Below is our basic Step by Step Process that we use for each agents personal marketing package.

Step 1. Agent fills out questionnaire.
Step 2. Agent signs and dates contract to participate in group plan. (Agent pays 1/2 down to begin The Personal Advantage Plan.)
Step 3. Writer reviews agent questionnaire and then interviews each agent. (Agent selects key photographic images, awards, badges, etc. for design team and provides that to writer at interview.)
Step 4. Writer and designer meet to develop and create concepts, logos and slogans and niche marketing for agent.
Step 5. Concept presentation to agent.
(Includes logo, basic brochure text, slogans and brochure cover designs)
Step 6. Plan representative to meet with agent to decide and make adjustments to concept and image. (Optional photography is shot after this step to support concept.)
Step 7. Adjustments to image and text made. Final concept presentation to Agent. (Agent is billed for the final art and design cost for project.)
NOTE: We must have any and all photography required to complete this step.
Step 8. Design team to apply agent approved concept to entire brochure, post card and business card design. (Agent to provide all phone numbers, fax numbers, email, broker logos, certifications, etc., to complete the package.
Step 9. Proofs of entire package to agent for approval.
Step 11. Final proof to agent before printing stage. (Agent to make payment for printing, prior to printer receiving artwork.
Step 12. All artwork is sent to printer.
Step 13. Printer proofs are delivered to agent for final approval.
Step 14. Package is printed.
Step 15. Agent Personal Advantage Plan printed materials delivered to agents office.
Step 10. Design team makes final adjustments to package and text.